• Rejoice always
  • pray continually
  • give thanks in all circumstances
  • for this is God’s will

What is the Prayer Generator?

The goal of Prayer Generator is to bring 10 million Christians together, unified, in prayer once a week wherever they are in the world, but differently........

In essence what sets The Prayer Generator apart from all other prayer focused websites  is that it is designed to bring a vast number of Christians together to pray for one purpose, all denominations joining together to form a powerful force for good. The main focus is to set aside any personal request that we may take to God and concentrate on one thing, once a week, so that during a single day millions of Christian pray “All of one accord” for something that they know is for a greater good but may not necessarily touch them at all.

Putting aside "self" for God

All we are asking for is 5 minutes of your time, once a week, every Wednesday, to pray for a single purpose. If you feel led, then pray for longer, but do pray for 5 minutes from your heart out of a love for Christ and what He has done for you personally.

How will it work? At first a purpose will be chosen and a short message explaining the reasons for the purpose. For some people this goes against the grain, we want participation, we want to be in control, we don’t want to be told when, where, what. But that doesn’t lead to trust. One thing that I have learnt, but am still learning to follow, is that we as Christians must trust the Holy Spirit in others. 

Obviously some things shout “caution”, pray about them, talk to God – you have a direct line in prayer. But at the same time we must learn to trust and so in this case I ask you to trust in the prayer purposes that will be given. Later, when we have enough numbers, we can throw this open somewhat, for now as a fledgling site, trust that the prayer purposes are for the right reasons and self has been set aside.

With Love in Christ